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Sometimes You Have to Move Mountains

Every family has it’s drama, it’s quirks or “that uncle” that only gets mentioned in whispers. For me, that person was my younger sister who found solace in a bottle, no longer functioning… Continue reading

Broken Wings – A Memorial

Oh my little birdie…when you were young you had no voice, Though all the others did. Only silence came from you. Until a loving hand showed you how to sing…and you found your… Continue reading

Thanksgiving…in Reflection

I have never felt the need to re-post an earlier post but this is one in which I make an exception. Life changes and evolves and hopefully it evolves into something greater and… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

What do you treasure? What’s most important to you? Someone once asked me if there was a fire in my house and I could only grab one thing…what would it be? My answer:… Continue reading

Unraveling the Mystery of Mary Frances Simpson

One of the things I love about genealogy is trying to make sense out of those parts of your family that just don’t make any sense.  According to Ancestry, Mary Frances Simpson is… Continue reading

Far From Home

For many of us Christmas is a time of celebration and a time for being with family.  The soldier holds no such luxury but as expressed in the two videos below…it is by… Continue reading

This Is Why I Still Have a Facebook Account!

Sometimes you have to just get with the program!  Today’s young adults really don’t have much reality on a world without technology.  As nostalgic as I may be about writing letters, if no… Continue reading