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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I wrote this post when I first started out as a blogger and its message is worth repeating. Illiteracy is the source of so much that is wrong with our society and there… Continue reading

Thinking Outside of the Box

There is nothing more heartwarming to me that running across someone who thinks outside of the box.These are people that look at the universe as their classroom and take knowledge that extra step. … Continue reading

A Closer Look

I’ll have to add another thing to the list of why I like Facebook (I think I might be gradually shifting towards being a convert).  Sometimes my Facebook friends share stories that are… Continue reading

Helping Your Child in School

So here we are, it’s April 1st and your child is well into the school year.  This is the time of year when what they are learning is the meat and potatoes of… Continue reading

The Family Unit – Exchange, Contribution and Barter

I was reminded today of an old practice that has gained increasing popularity as individuals find themselves economically challenged…the barter system.  In fact, Craig’s List has a section devoted to barter in which… Continue reading

Joseph Part 4 – The Second of Three Remarkable People

The 1940 census shows that my grandparents moved from Philadelphia to Alexandria and purchased a house there.  I’m guessing that they moved there about 1937 when he worked for the Navy Department. It… Continue reading

Joseph Part 3 – The Second of Three Remarkable People

At the urging of one of the stockbrokers at his father’s place of business, Joseph went to school.  Though he had no formal education he was accepted as a student at Cooper Union… Continue reading