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That Yankee Doodle Dandy Is At It Again

One of my favorite bloggers, Mike Allegra is also a great doodler. What started out as a blog post has turned into a contest in which others vie for the next tailor made… Continue reading

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I wrote this post when I first started out as a blogger and its message is worth repeating. Illiteracy is the source of so much that is wrong with our society and there… Continue reading

Grandma’s Beach – Achieving a Milestone and a Thank You

This week’s activities have produced a variety of emotions… ending in excitement, joy and even relief! Why is it that seemingly simple things seem to be the hardest to do? The roadblocks seem… Continue reading

Helping Someone Reach a Goal

This is Toby. I don’t know if you have ever seen him before but he is quite an impressive young man who wanted to know a lot of things about the world. So… Continue reading

Love In One Photo

I happened to stumble across an older post from last year that just brought a great big smile to my face. Hundreds of photos sent in by readers of their interpretation of “love… Continue reading

Dedicated to All Mothers

Some of life’s greatest challenges will be the ones we had in the name of motherhood.  Our greatest sorrows will serve to search out an inner strength we did not know we possessed. … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  As soon as I read this week’s Photo Challenge I knew which pictures I would use…only time and hunting for them, prevented me from posting this earlier. This first one is the… Continue reading

Complexities of War

I was reading a post today that really fit my interest level.  I love vintage photography.  I love history…especially WWII.  I love children and learning about the experiences of others, especially those differing… Continue reading

Thinking Outside of the Box

There is nothing more heartwarming to me that running across someone who thinks outside of the box.These are people that look at the universe as their classroom and take knowledge that extra step. … Continue reading

A Closer Look

I’ll have to add another thing to the list of why I like Facebook (I think I might be gradually shifting towards being a convert).  Sometimes my Facebook friends share stories that are… Continue reading