Backyard Field Trip – Washington Oaks State Park

I decided to take an impromptu field trip to explore some tide pools not far from my home. There were also some gardens turned state park just across the road and thought they’d… Continue reading

Changing Season’s – January

I have hesitated to do this photo challenge mainly because Florida’s climate does not vary much and we really don’t have traditional seasons. But I was curious to see whether there was much… Continue reading

Rare Photos of WWII U.S. Servicemen in New Zealand

Originally posted on Treasured Lives:
The Auckland War Memorial Museum in New Zealand has just digitized and published an amazing collection of photographs of United States servicemen who were stationed at Warkworth in…

Painting for Charity

As some of my regular followers know, I began dabbling in painting about a year ago.  I found I really enjoy it.  So much so that I want to keep doing it!  I… Continue reading

Bloggers Unite for Peace

Originally posted on Uncle Spike's Adventures:
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke Here are some ways to add your support…

House Project – Electricity!!

We are currently waiting on some info from contractors so that we can submit our permit for the main part of our rehab project so I thought I’d update a bit more on… Continue reading

House Project – I Think I Married a Super Hero!

Our house project continues… Now that the tree has been removed from the roof and the others have been pruned we can move on to the next phase. Our second priority is to… Continue reading

House Project – Sometimes a Tree Must Fall

For some reason or other I have run into technical problems when trying to write my next post. My computer went kaput and while researching what my next purchase would be I was… Continue reading

When I’m Gone

An incredibly beautiful and moving piece that speaks for itself. When I’m Gone

Staying Ahead of the Game

September is here and already I am seeing Halloween being promoted in the stores which means the heavy marketing of merchandise has started now and will continue through Christmas. I really believe that… Continue reading