I Love this Video

This video has such an important and powerful message that I just needed to share it again, here on my blog. I love this video and I’ll bet most of you will too.… Continue reading

The Artists Contribution to WWII

I just watch a fabulous hour documentary on a unit I had never heard of until now. In fact, this unit’s activities were kept secret for more than forty years after the war.… Continue reading

Attention People Who Love to Help Create Children’s Books!

Originally posted on A Grateful Man:
I’m an author of several self-published children’s books. I have far more additional stories   and ideas for additional books than I have the financial resources to self-publish…

My Thoughts on Sarah Gives Thanks

Since Mike Allegra at Heylookawriterfellow is having his doodle contest and one of the books he is giving away is a signed copy of his children’s book, Sarah Gives Thanks, I thought I’d… Continue reading

Win A Doodle! Hooray!

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IT IS TIME FOR A CONTEST! Here’s your chance to win an official Mike Allegra custom made doodle! But first, a word from Giddy Happy Mike: This is the…

House Project – Just Checking In

Some of you may have noticed a bit of an absence in my presence on my own blog and in visiting yours. Well in fact, I have been gone but it’s a good… Continue reading

Update on Helping Someone Reach a Goal

For those of you who saw my last  post regarding Toby – the boy writing to people from every country in the world, I have received a complete list of countries from his… Continue reading

Helping Someone Reach a Goal

This is Toby. I don’t know if you have ever seen him before but he is quite an impressive young man who wanted to know a lot of things about the world. So… Continue reading


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I have no idea how he knows when I need him. We can go weeks without speaking, and then, when my blue moods threaten to turn black,…

The Power of Touch

I don’t know how to imbed a video. I saw this post on Facebook and felt so moved by it I had to find a link that wasn’t connected to Facebook so I… Continue reading