Next Stop…A Much Needed Get-A-Way

The last couple of years have been more work than pleasure for Rick and I. That’s not really a complaint because we both have been enjoying creating the house aka Love Shack…we just… Continue reading

Making Up For Lost Time

Last year I had grand plans of travel and meeting a few bloggers and hopes of making headway on our project house. A death in the family with complications pulled my attention into… Continue reading

The Darwinian Gardener

  Not too long ago, Rick was telling me about a column in the local paper called the Darwinian Gardener. The basic premise is to only grow those things that will grow-survival of… Continue reading

Tips from a friend…

I’ve noticed that the Hummers go into a feeding frenzy near sunset.I suspect they do it at sunrise too but I’m too lazy to find that out? I wondered If I could get… Continue reading

Was That a Pair of Bald Eagles?

I often find the best picture opportunities happen when I don’t have my camera. That was exactly the case yesterday when I swore I saw a bald eagle fly right by the condo… Continue reading

Calling All Writer’s

Friend and fellow writer, Mike Allegra it at it again with another contest! This time it is for writers! Want to show off your writing prowess…plug in an excerpt of a published work…or… Continue reading

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

A share worth repeating! ❤   Originally posted on Live & Learn: Sometimes amazing things can be experienced once we face up to our fear. A little birdie reminded me of that this… Continue reading

Doing a Double Take

Sometimes when I’m driving down the road I see things that make me wish I had a camera handy. Every once in a while I get lucky, like the time I saw a… Continue reading

Changing Seasons – February 2017

Here, in America, February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day.  Sure, those who live in the frigid climates might think February is all about the groundhog…but the rest of us know it’s the month of… Continue reading

Changing Seasons – January 2017

Last year I decided to do a photo challenge to get a bit more practice taking pictures. I got a good start and then life happened and I only made it a few… Continue reading