Family History Writing Challenge, February 1 – 28

I have decided to challenge myself to continue writing about my family history by participating in the Family History Writing Challenge, February 1 – 28. The challenge for me is to do it… Continue reading

Joseph Part 3 – The Second of Three Remarkable People

At the urging of one of the stockbrokers at his father’s place of business, Joseph went to school.  Though he had no formal education he was accepted as a student at Cooper Union… Continue reading


Doing genealogy is far more interesting with the old technology…but I must admit, I have made advances far beyond what I ever dreamed because of the Internet!

Joseph Part 2 – The Second of Three Remarkable People

As I have continued to research my grandfather’s life I found that one person really stood out and made every effort to keep this family intact and that was Emma’s father B.B. He… Continue reading

Joseph Part 1- The Second of Three Remarkable People

As I continued my research into my family I started with my grandfather, Joseph.  I had learned that his side of the family all came from a small town in Western Pennsylvania.  In… Continue reading


Originally posted on "Greatest Generation" Life Lessons:
I’ve invited gpcox to share another post with us. This one concerns the life of an American Family during the 1940’s. I learned a…

Joseph (Introduction) – The Second of Three Remarkable People

Almost a decade ago I became interested in my family history.  I knew nothing beyond the name of my grandparents, that my grandfather had been the 7th Joseph Barnes in the family and… Continue reading

New Year’s…Another Chance To Be A Better You

There is almost a magical quality in a person’s ability to turn dreams into realities. What seems to come naturally for some can mystify others. Yet intention affects every aspect of our daily… Continue reading

What Lessons Will They Learn?

My heart is weighing heavy today as I watch the leaders of my country play tug-of-war with the national purse strings. In a nation so divided it is hard to feel secure about… Continue reading

Christmas Past

One of my hobbies/interests is genealogy, particularly the historical aspect. For those of you who have family relations going back to Colonial America the following post will give you more depth on what… Continue reading