New Year’s…Another Chance To Be A Better You

There is almost a magical quality in a person’s ability to turn dreams into realities. What seems to come naturally for some can mystify others. Yet intention affects every aspect of our daily… Continue reading

What Lessons Will They Learn?

My heart is weighing heavy today as I watch the leaders of my country play tug-of-war with the national purse strings. In a nation so divided it is hard to feel secure about… Continue reading

Christmas Past

One of my hobbies/interests is genealogy, particularly the historical aspect. For those of you who have family relations going back to Colonial America the following post will give you more depth on what… Continue reading

A Change in Viewpoint

So often as we are in the process of growing up we grapple with the idea of, “Who am I?”  Many of our ideas about life are based on our upbringing but as… Continue reading

Storm of a Lifetime

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It’s been a surreal few weeks in Hoboken since Hurricane Sandy hit and while I’ve been documenting the upheaval in our community, it hasn’t been through writing.…

Breaking Traditions

Thanksgiving is often fondly remembered by its traditions.  Yet the most memorable ones were often those when we broke tradition. In 1979 my mother posted a notice at a local military base with… Continue reading


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When the storm surges flooded New York on October 29th, and hurricane-strength winds made land fall in New Jersey, wreaking havoc across twenty-four states, from Florida to…


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Click here to view it larger. What it is: Photo measuring 3.5 x 5.25 inches. What I know about it: Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.   Comments: We…


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A short little piece inspired by the tenth student in fifteen minutes to inquire about a test. 1. Have you graded our tests yet? No.  Contrary to popular…


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Blog Love – Zendala by Cathy Ulrich Seven a.m. Sitting at my Mac, I check email, click on blog notices. Peter walks by. “What’s happening in the Blogosphere?” he…