This Is Why I Still Have a Facebook Account!

Sometimes you have to just get with the program!  Today’s young adults really don’t have much reality on a world without technology.  As nostalgic as I may be about writing letters, if no… Continue reading

Liar, Liar…Pants on fire!

Why do children lie?  Most often it is a fear of the consequences of telling the truth.  Their experience has told them that they will get punished and someone will be upset with… Continue reading

Ask Mrs. P.

I have decided to open up my years of teaching experience to the blogging world and beyond, by starting a column called Ask Mrs. P. Ask Mrs. P. allows readers to address any… Continue reading

Helping Your Child in School

So here we are, it’s April 1st and your child is well into the school year.  This is the time of year when what they are learning is the meat and potatoes of… Continue reading

Bill Cosby: Kickin’ It at 75

Since the original writing of this post, much has been publicized about Bill Cosby’s unconscionable behavior towards women throughout his career. I am truly disheartened and these acts have forever tarnished the good… Continue reading

Tales of customer service that go the extra mile? I’ve got one.

Originally posted on Robby Robin's Journey:
Listening to the car radio, it suddenly came back to me: the empty place setting, the black napkins, the untouched wine.  Ensuring he went out in…

Going Through My Underwear Drawer

I have a mild involvement with social media that doesn’t include Twitters with tweets or pictures with Pintrest.  In fact, I don’t own an Iphone…not even an Android.  A few weeks ago, I… Continue reading

No More Trouble

I’m feeling a bit philosophical today.  As I look at the changes that have occurred in my lifetime I am in awe of the technical advances yet saddened by the deteriorating social climate.… Continue reading


Originally posted on "Greatest Generation" Life Lessons:
This is the latest Guest Post from gpcox all about the vehicles in service during World War II and a little about what the…

Nobody Told Me

Nobody told me…that my grandson’s love could repair the mistakes of a lifetime. Or rekindle a love of such greatness…never experienced before. Nobody told me…that his once tiny feet and hands would be… Continue reading