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I didn’t just shoot this. I’ve decided that when I’ve been grounded (due to weather!) for longer than a week,I’m going to add a shot from…

Writers’ Angst by Roy Dimond

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The writers’ life is simple enough, we write. We often sit in perfect writing locations with birds chirping spring songs from window sills…

“What’s wrong with our world?” and “What can we do about it?”

I was recommended a movie today called, “I AM”.  Although I wasn’t particularly in the mood to watch a documentary, I decided to check it out.  I was pretty sure that it would… Continue reading

I Prefer Vintage

I’ve been catching up on identifying and labeling old photographs when it occurred to me, that I prefer vintage. Don’t get me wrong…I love all of the things that have been introduced to… Continue reading

Ramsey’s Dream

There is nothing more exciting to me than seeing someone accomplish a dream of theirs.  It’s a guaranteed “feel good” moment that leaves one inspired to tackle some of their own.  Ramsey’s Dream… Continue reading

Washington DC’s Hidden Jewel, part 2

The Library of Congress opened in 1897, over a hundred years ago.  In that time we have had two world wars, conquered flight, sent a man to the moon and entered the computer… Continue reading

Washington DC’s Hidden Jewel

One of the things I enjoyed as a teacher was visiting places that had been discussed in books and studies with my Elementary school students.  One of the readers included a story about… Continue reading

Artistic Musing

I’ve been pondering the subject of artists this week.  What is an artist?  Can anyone be an artist?  Are we all capable of being artistic?  I fear today’s post may reflect the ramblings… Continue reading

Thinking Outside of the Box

There is nothing more heartwarming to me that running across someone who thinks outside of the box.These are people that look at the universe as their classroom and take knowledge that extra step. … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

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Daily Prompt: Secret of Success  What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for? When I first started…