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New York – The Renaissance Festival

Since I was in my teens I always wanted to go to a Renaissance Festival. I had been to the Dicken’s Faire many times but there was something about the Renaissance Faire that… Continue reading

Backyard Field Trip – Washington Oaks State Park

I decided to take an impromptu field trip to explore some tide pools not far from my home. There were also some gardens turned state park just across the road and thought they’d… Continue reading

A Visual Year in Review

Here it is 2015 and I have been blogging for a little over two years. I can still recall the uncertainty that I felt the first time I hit the “publish” button on… Continue reading

Something For Everyone

There is nothing sweeter than discovering a little treasure in your own back yard. The history buff in me was drawn to the Sugar Mill Gardens simply because it hinted that there might… Continue reading

What Happens When You Stop Being Plugged In

I’ve recently been on several flights and noticed that for the most part flying is a very quiet activity.  Most people are plugged into electronic devices of some sort.  I’m sure it must… Continue reading

My Kind of Outing – The Torpedo Factory

Last weekend I had a few hours to spare and decided to stop off at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. My interest in this place was two-fold. My grandmother worked here during… Continue reading

The Great Race 2014 – Final Destination at The Villages

One of the challenges of living on a modest income is finding inexpensive ways to entertain yourself.  Sometimes that can end up in a real bust and sometimes…you hit pay dirt.  We hit… Continue reading

Visiting with Friends

    On a recent trip to the west coast I took the opportunity to meet up with a fellow blogger, Russ Towne from A Grateful Man We had a lovely lunch… Continue reading

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

I usually pass these writing assignments up but this challenge intrigued me.  The challenge is to write something using only fifty words.  Somehow that seemed like a lot of fun!  Vincent Mars, who… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Although there are many meanings to the word reflections, I do like the one defined at the beginning of the post challenge. Reflect: to consider where we’ve been in life, where we are… Continue reading