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Embracing My Obsoleteness

I’m not sure how the topic came up but Rick and I were talking about Jimmy Stewart, the actor when it suddenly crossed my mind that half the population probably had no idea… Continue reading

Humanity, Love and Angels to the Rescue!

I was impressed that there was very little press given to a hate group (practicing under the guise of religion) preceding their arrival to Orlando this weekend. The press around here did not… Continue reading

Broken Wings – A Memorial

Oh my little birdie…when you were young you had no voice, Though all the others did. Only silence came from you. Until a loving hand showed you how to sing…and you found your… Continue reading

Gestures of Love

  One of the most touching gestures of love I ever witnessed came when I was working at a skilled nursing facility. One of the residents no longer could care for herself and… Continue reading

Love In One Photo

I happened to stumble across an older post from last year that just brought a great big smile to my face. Hundreds of photos sent in by readers of their interpretation of “love… Continue reading