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Can you See the Light?

  Okay, I admit it, I am a Blues Brothers fan and could not resist using that reference for this post. When we first started this project all of our light came from… Continue reading

House Project – Plumbing, First Rough

Today we’re doing the plumbing. I can’t wait…we’ve been turning the water off and on every day at the meter because there is a leak in the lines. I’m hoping that gets fixed… Continue reading

House Project – Prepping the Floors for the Plumber aka Bull Work!

So, the latest update, of which there are many, on our project…build a house. The first image may remind you that Rick took down a block wall to open up the space but… Continue reading

House Project – A New Look


House Project – We’re Back in Business

It’s been some months since we gave any report on the Chicago Ave. house project. Various life detours and projects had put that on the back burner but now we’re cooking again. The… Continue reading

House Project – Electricity!!

We are currently waiting on some info from contractors so that we can submit our permit for the main part of our rehab project so I thought I’d update a bit more on… Continue reading

House Project – I Think I Married a Super Hero!

Our house project continues… Now that the tree has been removed from the roof and the others have been pruned we can move on to the next phase. Our second priority is to… Continue reading

House Project – Sometimes a Tree Must Fall

For some reason or other I have run into technical problems when trying to write my next post. My computer went kaput and while researching what my next purchase would be I was… Continue reading

House Project – Small Victories That Take The Sting Out Of Dealing With The Unexpected

In an earlier post I mentioned a new project I have embarked upon…a house project. One of the most rewarding parts of this house project is learning so many new things. Having never… Continue reading

House Project – Just Checking In

Some of you may have noticed a bit of an absence in my presence on my own blog and in visiting yours. Well in fact, I have been gone but it’s a good… Continue reading