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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I wrote this post when I first started out as a blogger and its message is worth repeating. Illiteracy is the source of so much that is wrong with our society and there… Continue reading

Update on Helping Someone Reach a Goal

For those of you who saw my last  post regarding Toby – the boy writing to people from every country in the world, I have received a complete list of countries from his… Continue reading

Helping Someone Reach a Goal

This is Toby. I don’t know if you have ever seen him before but he is quite an impressive young man who wanted to know a lot of things about the world. So… Continue reading

Woo Hoo…I Can Paint!

Recently I had noticed some pretty amazing art work in the form of pottery and glass being created by a client’s seven year old daughter.  And it was really good, better than anything… Continue reading

A Glorious Idea: Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Originally posted on Russ Towne's A Grateful Man :
One supermarket chain proves how easy it is to change the perceptions and actions of people where everyone involved wins: With Love, Russ

Beagle Freedom Project

A beautiful rescue worth sharing… And…they don’t just rescue beagles.  😀 If you would like to find out more about this project you can search for Beagle Freedom Project and click on the… Continue reading

Animal Instincts

I just watched a wonderful clip and just had to share it with all my photographer friends and animal lovers around the world.  Sometimes animals do the most amazing things.  Enjoy!

Anything But Handicapped

I wanted to share a story about one of my students.  Mark was born with Spina bifida, and had nerve damage which affected his ability to walk.  He traversed from place to place… Continue reading

Making Tough Decisions – part 2

(This is a continuation of the last post) I arrived at the bus and it was swarming with thirty or so yellow jackets inside and out.  It had been a hot day and… Continue reading

Creatively Creating

For some people, being artistic comes naturally.  Some people just think creatively…they seem to breathe creativity.  Others, like myself, struggle at almost anything creative.  Sometimes, I have wondered why I didn’t have artistic… Continue reading