Next Stop…A Much Needed Get-A-Way

The last couple of years have been more work than pleasure for Rick and I. That’s not really a complaint because we both have been enjoying creating the house aka Love Shack…we just haven’t spent much time away from family and house and we needed to refresh ourselves and reconnect in a very quick and low key way. We are lucky to have a port that offers a variety of cruises not too far from where we live…we chose the Bahamas. Both Rick and I have been on cruises before – not together, though neither of us have been to the Bahamas.

As we head out of port we are greeted by every boat that passes by…reminiscent of Β the television show, The Love Boat.

The first day we spent touring the ship and getting oriented to where everything was located on each deck. We met a nice couple at dinner time. They had been together for some time but he surprised her with a marriage proposal on the ship…she happily accepted.

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The next morning, I couldn’t sleep and decided to go out and see the sun rise. Coffee in hand I headed out. There were only a few people outside but by the time the sun was rising the deck was packed.

Our first destination was the Nassau. During past trips, I had always been asleep when we arrived in port. We entered a narrow channel and the captain had to do a three point turn so that he could back the ship into the docking area…quite impressive to watch. And who could resist capturing the most famous mouse of all?

As we approached the island, Nassau looked pretty…but just inside the city gates is an area called “The Straw Market” and it was quite run down and peddlers were in full force. This would not be a place that I would want to be at night. Looking past the tourist area, I could see a very nice area further down the coastline. Something that might be worth a fly in vacation.

We opted to skip the offshore excursions and take advantage of “Resort For A Day” at the Hilton. We enjoyed swimming, snorkeling and patio side dining…a very pleasant afternoon.


Rick wants to make sure he doesn’t burned…or perhaps he’s doing his Marty Feldman imitation. πŸ˜‰


While he suns himself…I head for the water!


One of the things I wanted to do today was to test out my underwater camera. The sea grass came out nice.


But I was disappointed to discover the only fish around were…WHITE!


Seeing the mail boat make it’s way up the channel made up for it.


The weather turned during the night making it unsafe for us to dock at our second destination, Coco Kay. That is the island I really wanted to visit. But I have to give high marks to the crew for creating an awesome shore day. They must have been up all night working out a secondary schedule and FUN was the theme. I’m more of a people watcher than party girl and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the crew keep everyone’s spirits high.

The one thing that impressed us most about the cruise was the staff. Everyone here is carefully selected for their ability to service the public. Some are more outgoing than others but each wants to ensure that you had a great time. Having our needs catered to was such a wonderful feeling. It’s how things used to be in all areas, when I was growing up. We have moved so far away from that over the past forty years…I miss that. No matter how much technology and automation you introduce, there is nothing more valuable that true customer service…genuine and in person. It’s irreplaceable!


Until we meet again…