Doing a Double Take

Sometimes when I’m driving down the road I see things that make me wish I had a camera handy. Every once in a while I get lucky, like the time I saw a spiral staircase on a trailer in front of me.

Today, I was driving behind a trailer that had a load that was a bit wider than a car and from a distance I couldn’t quite make it out…but I knew it was something different.


Was it a helicopter? A plane? or something else?


It was an airplane!


And it had it’s identification number.

My aunt described me as a curious person…and she was right. I couldn’t be satisfied with knowing it was a plane, I had to find out where it came from and was it a salvage. If so, what happened to it?

Thanks to my best friend, Google, I quickly discovered…it was a salvage and had been up for auction. The full details of the plane, it’s condition and recent damage as well as photos (when it was intact) can bee seen here. I am assuming it was purchased and was now in transport to it’s new owners.

Have you ever seen anything odd while driving down the road? What was it?