Changing Seasons – February 2017

Here, in America, February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day.  Sure, those who live in the frigid climates might think February is all about the groundhog…but the rest of us know it’s the month of love.


Or should I say…the month of commercialism? It’s importance so hyped up that it could make or break a relationship. Play your cards right and you’ll be experiencing the full benefits of love. Screw it up and you’ll be in the dog house for weeks. Oh, the stress men must go through to please us women. The hoops they must jump to prove their love.

But what is love? I looked it up and to be honest, I found most of the definitions to be lacking. One of the better ones was from LOVE, a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. So guys…you’ve got your work cut out for you…were you able to express your love profoundly?

As I went to the store to pick up some dinner ingredients I couldn’t help but feel empathy toward all the people clustered around the cards, picking them up one at a time, hoping to find one that was just right!


Almost all of them went immediately to look over the selection of flowers And of course, roses were ever so popular even if the price was five times higher than last week!



But wait…there’s CANDY…in heart packaging – big and small. Do you know what she likes? Dark or light, nuts or creams? You’d better get it right! Another way to show her how sweet she really is…and don’t you dare mention the few extra pounds she might have gained from eating all that chocolate…or eat it all yourself!


Of course there was an assortment of heart shaped cakes for those who wanted to go all out. But it was the steaks formed into the shape of a heart and then packaged in a heart shaped container that cause me to laugh out loud. Any minute now, I’m expecting it to start beating…beep …beep. Now I’ll never get “Tainted Love” out of my head.


As I was driving home today the guys on the radio were talking about what they were doing for their wives and significant others and then warned the listeners not do go to the Dollar Store and pick up the dollar box of chocolate, the dollar card and the single fake rose. How crushing that must have sounded to the guy who was so broke, knowing that was all he could afford yet, he wanted to show his sweetheart how much he loved her. Yikes!

One of the first things Rick told me when we were dating is that he wasn’t really into the whole holiday, forced celebration and expression of love stuff. He found it really annoying that some people could be real jerks all year round but if they did it up for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, then everything was just fine. He felt people should show their affection and love all the time or anytime…not just on some deemed holidays. And he has been true to his word. I often find surprise notes that bring me warm fuzzies – such as this one.


A while ago, I started pasting the ones I especially liked on the wall next to my desk.  It’s been a constant reminder of his profound affection and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.


Sometimes, profound affection is shown in caring for those you have loved and lost. (A picture from last year’s archive.)


Another way I choose to show my love is in taking, sharing and keeping pictures of friends and family. (A picture from the archives.)


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, I hope you had a terrific day, full of googly eyes and warm fuzzies…and no dog houses!

Apologies for the poor resolution on the store images. I was afraid I’d scare off the customers if I came in with my regular camera and opted for using my cell phone camera instead.

This photo challenge was brought to you by Cardinal Guzman and if you like taking pictures or just want to get some more practice in…then click on the link to find out how to play.