New York – The Renaissance Festival

Since I was in my teens I always wanted to go to a Renaissance Festival. I had been to the Dicken’s Faire many times but there was something about the Renaissance Faire that really intrigued me. So this time when we went to New York we scheduled it around the time of the festival.


I really didn’t know what to expect, I knew it would be living history and I knew I wanted to see jousting. What I didn’t realize until I was there is that what I had in mind was not what I saw.  I always thought of renaissance in terms of the Italian Renaissance…this was the English version which I discovered through research upon my return home, was quite different. Now that I have caught up to where I am geographically..I will continue with a little music for your pleasure.


The fair maiden trophy…awaiting the results of the jousting.


Enter the Queen…


This jousting team practices in Florida of all places but tours throughout the United States. We got to cheer for the blue team…


and BOO for the red one.


There were four men total and quite a bit of unsportsmanlike conduct…even the Queen upbraided them at one point…all part of the show.


I really loved seeing the people who attended…all dressed up in costume, embracing the event.


Justice was swift dare you speak unkindly about the crown.


By the end, everyone got dunked, including the Earl…seems no one could keep a civil tongue.


Except perhaps this gentleman who has a person behind him, so carefully hidden that you can only see them by their shoes…perhaps he is just very clever, indeed…secretly slipping past.


By far the best performance was by this duo…Don Juan and Miguel. Between their sword fights, whip cracking and racy humor…we were all pleasantly entertained.


I love it when a picture walks in front of my lens…aren’t they adorable.


And who could leave without accepting one of the sporting challenges…I did at least hit the target (okay…hay) a couple of times…so glad I wasn’t competing! The crowd would have been jeering over my performance.


Look, a hobbit door…shall we peek inside?


Giacomo the Jester was also quite entertaining but seemed to like to hear the audience applaud and would solicit cheers which I thought took away from it. There was one remarkable moment when a boy was chosen from the audience to participate in a stunt…all smiles, of course. That is, until Giacomo told him to give a mean look…no make it an evil look. This boy nailed it…the whole audience was impressed…he was that good.


Theatre in the Ground…yep a skit involving mud battles. They weren’t a bad acting team but I don’t think this would have been my choice of acting venues.


And believe it or not…several people came up and hugged the actors after the show…eeew!


And, of course, a lady must wear an appropriate hair piece when attending such social gatherings.


Overall, It was a bit racier than I had anticipated and I thought some of language in the shows was inappropriate for children, though most probably didn’t understand the vocabulary. I guess the same can be said of some of the popular children’s shows…think The Simpson’s which has a lot of adult humor slipped into an animated children’s show, theoretically…a family show.

But, I did enjoy seeing so many people congregating together…all of them having a good time. Happy children and a general gaiety  all around…no drama at all, and that added immensely to an enjoyable day.