House Project – Plumbing, First Rough

Today we’re doing the plumbing. I can’t wait…we’ve been turning the water off and on every day at the meter because there is a leak in the lines. I’m hoping that gets fixed today.


First we dug the trench or more exactly, Rick dug the trench and I removed the extra fill and made sure it was deep enough.


The earth is very sandy and was relatively easy to work with. We were working late in the afternoon under the shade.


By the time we got to the house we were tired and we decided to hire out the rest of the digging to our lawn guy, Brian. He is an amazing worker who takes pride in what he does…a man of integrity. We are lucky to have him.


In come the plumbers who dug to the correct depth…


then lay the pipes…


and prepared for the 24 hour leak test.


The waste water is prepared but will not be completed today because we have a delay on decommissioning the septic…which would mean no toilet for a couple of weeks. We will finish this when we are closer to abandoning the septic.


Yay…a new pipe and handle for theΒ  water meter…no more leak!


The twenty four hour leak test failed and we had to call the plumbers back. Fortunately the city had not been called and the plumbers were able to repair it ahead of the inspection. After the repair, there were no leaks and we passed…something that has not happened with most of the trades people we have hired. One of the things that annoys Rick to no end is that the city frowns upon owners being their own general contractor. Yet every licensed person we have hired has had some problem which Rick caught and had them correct.

I am so glad Rick is our contractor…so many of them are too busy to check everything thoroughly…that will never happen with our house…not while Rick’s on the job!