A Return to Normalcy

It’s been nearly six months since I last updated by house blog, over which time life was anything but normal.

I went to California to visit my awesome daughter and amazing grandson! Caught up with my best friend who I hadn’t seen in forever!!

My trip to Texas allowed me to put my little sister and her husband to rest…and so much of my time these past few months has been spent attending to the many details connected with their death. But, I gained a connection with another sister, who had become a stranger over the years…each of us living different lives.

Then off Virginia to help my favorite aunt…a little joke, because she is my only one.

Right after that my nephew’s father died…what eighteen year old knows what to do?…of course, I helped. Doing so gave me an opportunity to get to know him better.

I’ve been to New York for pleasure and back to Virginia for treasure.

And I still work every day…and on the weekends I am a contented slave to the project house which leaves me very little time to do anything else. Recently, this has been extra demanding trying to keep my plants alive during a drought.

No time do you say?

How about getting that second book into production?…And that Collage Journal going? These are the things I squeeze in between…the response I gave a friend when asked when I do it all. In between dinner, cooking and cleaning…and shopping and weeding. A little bit here a little bit there and eventually it all comes together.

About the only thing I’ve neglected is my blog.

This week, though I have been brushed by a hurricane…I have had the good fortune to have landed an extra day for myself due to the holiday. The plants are well watered, the house project paused…this weekend is for me…and my blog. A scurry of activity, organizing the photos…for binge writing posts…that have long been delayed.

So, has your life been normal, lately?