Changing Seasons – June: The Nature Show

Nature often introduces the most enjoyable entertainment. Sadly, it’s a commonplace event to see children bent over, peering at a screen oblivious to his/her surroundings. In a world full of technology it’s easy to miss some of the natural wonders that are literally right in our own back yards. If only we could get them to look up.
We have been fortunate to have purchased a project house in a wooded section of town. Our yard is filled with trees, bees, butterflies, squirrels, snakes, toads and zillions of lizards.
Recently, we have been visited by some hawks that fly right onto the fence in search of prey. They are so beautiful when they are flying but they sure are dumb when they are on the fence.


Rick watched as two hawks tried to trap a squirrel that was caught between the two of them. They did not swoop over and grab the squirrel as one would expect. These hawks seemed to have forgotten they could fly and so they began to waddle along the fence inching their way closer. They were not elegant or smooth…they were clumsy and awkward. It was embarrassing to watch but hysterically funny at the same time.


Another time when I was working on the house I saw a hawk on the fence and there was a squirrel about 30 feet from him. He looked at the squirrel and then nonchalantly turned away. The squirrel took the opportunity to run a little closer to him. You see, he was trying to get to the tree on the other side. The hawk looks at him again and the squirrel keeps coming closer yet the hawk seems pretty disinterested, still watching as he gets closer. When the squirrel is abut 10 feet away he detours down toward the lower half of the fence. Again the hawk just watches. The squirrel is now five feet away and suddenly runs up the fence in the direction of the hawk, startling it so much that it flew away. I took pictures with my phone but they just didn’t come out well and were too dark.


But today they were showing off. This time I had my camera. Four of them zoomed past me racing to get to the elm in our yard. Three landed, one was shoo’d off. Screeching its territorial scream…soon another left and then finally the last…leaving just one.
Later in the afternoon a couple arrived on the fence, one clearly claiming that spot was taken. I wonder if it was the same one from this morning. It allowed me to get quite close, maybe 40 feet away and didn’t make any attempt to take off. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was posing for me. Take a look…what do you think? I believe it is a Cooper’s Hawk.


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Changing Seasons is a monthly photo feature hosted by Cardinal Guzman.

Last weekend “Cooper” came to see me again. This time he let me get real close to him and I was able to get these shots from about ten feet away.