Broken Wings – A Memorial


Oh my little birdie…when you were young you had no voice,

Though all the others did.

Only silence came from you.

Until a loving hand showed you how to sing…and you found your voice at last!

But as the youngest you were always in the shadows, trying to stand on your own two feet.

Your heart was big,

Your love was strong,

You fought to find a way.


And then one day life was BEAUTIFUL.

Someone heard your song…and could not stay away.

Many years of happiness followed, until the day his wings were clipped – no longer able to fly free.

Undaunted you worked to mend those broken wings.

And during this same time you stepped up to save the lives of others who had been threatened with deadly harm.

Eternally grateful – a HERO they said,

They did not know that doing so had torn your wings in the process.

Despite your pain, you tended to the one you loved until the very end.


Love came and went another time, adding to the pain you felt inside.

Running so deep, no longer hidden from view.

In time you found another who understood – he had his own pain too!

Both determined not to feel it as it ate away at your souls.


Now it’s all over – an unexpected explosion in the night.

No more pain, no more suffering for you both

Everything will be all right.

Fly free my little birdies,

No longer with broken wings.

It’s only tears that say, “I love you”,

For my heart knows you’re in peace.


Lost but not forgotten…Lorilei and Dennis Roberts