The Changing Seasons: April

Is it already the end of April? Where does the time go?

Why is it that catching up after being on vacation takes much longer than the time you were gone? A month has gone by and I have not yet caught up…as some of you may have noticed with my absence from your blogs. Is that because I am getting older and everything takes more time  or because I have found so many things I love to do…I can’t do them all. If one has to juggle things for a living, I guess it’s good to juggle things that you love.

I’m here to report my photo challenge for Changing Seasons, the month of April. But, the month flew by and I have little to report. I planned to go out today and get this months shots but found my heart wasn’t in it. After visiting California last month with it’s incredible rocky coastlines and hills as green as could be, I’m finding my local geography to be quite drab. I’m sure I’ll recover by next month.

I will say this for Florida, the weather is beautiful year round.  A quick picture out the window at 2:30 in the afternoon shows the sun is bright, lightly clouded and there are plenty of people on the beach. Spring break is over, the Snowbirds have left, yet many still find time to squeeze in a trip to the beach in the middle of a weekday afternoon. I wonder how many of them called in sick today?


So if you’re wondering what I am up to you might want to look here:

IMG_5741.JPGOr maybe I am off somewhere doing my grandma thing…like ordering keepsakes of my grandson’s art work.


And once in a while I take a few minutes to check out a local event like the Indian festival.


I really like having an opportunity to take pictures each month.  It’s not to late to join the challenge, click here for details.