Changing Seasons – Mixing It Up In March

Though I rarely do challenges I thought this one would be something I could do and it also gave me an opportunity to play with my new camera. Changing Seasons is a monthly photo feature hosted by Cardinal Guzman. There are two types of challenges available. You can do the same location, noting the changes from month to month or a gallery on what the month represents. And you can mix it up a bit as well. This month, I’m mixing it up.

I have been looking forward to this month, particularly the end of the month for several reasons.The main reason is that I planned a vacation to see my daughter and grandson in California! It’s been two years since I’ve seen them and I am having mommy pangs. It’s true…your children will always be your children, no matter how old they get.

Not only was it Andrew’s birthday in March, but mine is too and for the first time ever, it fell on Easter. So we had an awesome Easter celebration!

Here is a little snippet of my trip. So much fun in such a short amount of time! Andrew loved my camera and he has a pretty good eye. He took the picture of me while we were at a restaurant.

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As you can see, this month is about friends and family…and it was a fantastic trip!