A Bird’s Eye View

I have been playing around with my new camera, still shooting on automatic and while I was at a friend’s house I decided to try getting some shots of pelicans from a high vantage point…the 19th floor. This location has fabulous views of both the river and ocean, within a half hour I was able to get a quick snapshot of common activities available at one of our beaches.

Whether you are staying in one of the beach side condos or living in a mobile home on the river, there is plenty to do. By the way, if you look at the first image, the last white condo you see in the distance is actually eight miles away from my location!


If you like boating you can choose a speed boat, catching the wind with a sailboat, or take a leisurely ride on a patio boat.


You will see lots of joggers and bike riders too. Some places even allow beach driving as shown in the first image.


You can swim  in the ocean or at one of the nearby pools.


And there is more than one way to catch a wave.


Here you see people digging for treasures…sand crabs!


Try your hand at surf fishing, or fish from the pier…or go out on one of the shrimp boats.


Who doesn’t like the ice cream truck? Or you can grab a bit at the pier and sit out on the deck.



For the tamer sports we have  wading, reading and sunning to music.


Not everyone is playing…some of us do have to work!


And if you get tired of looking down look up to the sky…


For a chance to get a bird’s eye view!



Yes, I am having fun with this new camera and it’s got a really nice zoom. Soon I will have to play with soon I will have to start playing with the close up lenses.