House Project – We’re Back in Business

It’s been some months since we gave any report on the Chicago Ave. house project. Various life detours and projects had put that on the back burner but now we’re cooking again.

The last thing we had recorded was getting in the electricity. Well, we’ve done more than that. I worked in the yard until I broke my hand (not on the house project) and was prohibited from doing any work involving tools for several months. Who knew that hands took so long to get back full mobility? ARGH! Now, months later, a lot of my work needs to be redone.

On the other hand, no pun intended, we did get the roof done and so here is that report.

Let’s take a look at the original roof.

2015-06-16 14.22.07

Now a closer one of the rafter tails.


This is what they look like after Rick repaired them…aren’t they pretty?


And here he is wrapping up the last one on the front of the house.


This is the roofing company ripping off the shingles and paper.


Nailing up the fascia.


Our crew and Rick taking a break after working in the hot sun. I don’t know how they do it all day, every day. You could grow old quickly on this job.


Ripping out the rotted wood.


And attaching the new decking where it needed replacing. We were a little disappointed with the company we hired because the owner said he would be there to supervise the job. By the time we were lined up in his work que he had scheduled a religious week off and was not to be seen. Rick was there during most of the job but had one doctors appointment to got to and when he got back he found the crew had taken short cuts, sloppiness with nailing and missing boards, leaving the appearance of being to code but not really making it. His observation was that they generally did good work when someone was watching them and checking their work, but without supervision they were inclined to follow the lead of one crew member who liked to quickie the jobs.


Rick was already upset that the owner hadn’t been on the job as was promoted and now with the sloppy workmanship he had them stop work and refused to continue the job until he spoke to the owner. After talking to him, there were some corrections made but Rick would not let them work on the roof unless he was there from that point on.



The job continued and the next day the shingles were delivered. I love the conveyor belt to lift them up.


Putting on the new shingles.


With Rick’s supervision we passed inspection and the place looks so much better.

Rick made a formal complaint with the company who reduced the price of the job with the agreement that we would not leave a bad review on Angie’s List, to which he agreed. We simply left no review but he has made sure anyone else who has asked about them knew his trouble with the company. We found out later that we weren’t the only ones who had problems but all of the jobs had been since we originally looked for them and seen their good reviews on Angie’s List.



Somehow I missed getting a clean shot of the finished job so this is a partial shot that was taken about a week later. I can’t take a picture now because it would show what we are doing next on the house and you cant see that until next week! Overall, this job was not nearly as fun to watch as the tree trimmers were. But we do like the new roof!

I’m really excited about showing the next post as it completely changes the look of the house, making it totally OURS!