Changing Season’s – February

It’s almost the end of February and I have scarcely had any time to take photos for the monthly photo challenge Changing Season’s. I’ve been looking forward to doing this challenge because I just got a new camera and I wanted to try it out. Since I am still getting used to the functions I took the simple route and used the auto setting for this challenge.

Seems like the last few days have been utterly gorgeous here in Daytona Beach and I did not have much opportunity to get out and take pictures. So, today, the day I have some time happens to be very windy! I don’t mind wind…in fact, I like it but when the wind shifts directions frequently it’s difficult to capture images when holding the camera in your hand. The first part of the series is taken from a seventh floor balcony.

Family waiting to cross the road.


Despite the wind blowing strongly, some will play in the ocean.



This flag reminds me of my teaching days when the class was learning how to judge wind strength.


This photo was taken seconds later, clearly showing the shift in wind direction.


Though I walked out with my hair neatly tied back, my efforts were no match with the wind.


Even the birds were huddled together waiting out the wind.


This is bird island where many birds have flown to the safety of the shrubbery.


Here is a closer look.


Even the pelicans that normally enjoy the air currents have chosen to rest awhile.


This poor guy is having trouble staying afloat as he paddles closer to bird island.


The only one who seems to be enjoying the wind…you can feel the enthusiasm as it soars and it catches the wave of air underneath it


The wind is really picking up and it’s starting to sprinkle.


In the distance you can see the storm approach.


The line separating the storm and the sun…nature’s battleground.


The storm nears…


And across the river bent trees signal the inevitable approach of rain for those dining at the restaurant on the end the dock. I hope they went inside.


As I drive home, I see this poor guy getting off the bus in the poring rain.


Right around the corner was this bicyclist who came prepared for any weather. He must be a Floridian!


Since it had rained on my parade I thought I’d stop and pay a bill. Just as I arrived at my destination the floodgates opened in full force and I had to sit in the car and wait it out. Why is the umbrella never in the car when you need it? As it slowed down a bit I made the dash inside, stepping into a deep puddle before hitting the door front. Just as I completed my business the rain stopped and the sun came out again.


Some people say that Florida is too humid…but here, near the shore the rain just washes the pollen away and makes the air fresh again and the usually light breezes keep it from becoming unbearable. I really don’t mind the rain at all!