Grandma’s Beach – Achieving a Milestone and a Thank You

This week’s activities have produced a variety of emotions… ending in excitement, joy and even relief!

Why is it that seemingly simple things seem to be the hardest to do? The roadblocks seem to be everywhere and the walls standing in the way seem to reach the sky. The worst of it is that all these barriers are generally self created. Hopelessness, uncertainty, procrastination, doubt and even fear have hounded me for more than a decade. Taunting me every time I tried to reach for it…

But today I bested that beast and I won!

I am happy to share the publication of my first children’s book, Grandma’s Beach.

A day at the beach with grandma turns out to be a lot more than swimming and building sand

Join us in our adventure as we explore tide pools and discover the creatures within.

Find out what happens that made this the best beach trip ever?


cover proof


It’s a great book for ages 7-8 years old but could be read aloud to younger students, too!

This achievement is a true testament to the power of the blogging community, for without it, I’m not sure if I would have accomplished the final product. So many authors and would be authors communicating and encouraging others to write, to participate in contests and even to publish…I am grateful to you all!

But there are two of you who fanned the flames long enough and hard enough to get that fire in my heart ablaze again.ย  Mike Allegra at Heylookawriterfellow may not remember a response he gave me when I told him I had written a book years ago. That I, through the traditional route of publishing, had run into a catch 22 situation where you couldn’t get published unless you had an agent and you couldn’t get an agent unless you had been published. He told me the publishing industry had changed a lot since then and he strongly encouraged me to give it another try. To which I agreed to blow the dust off my manuscript and give it another shot. Well, I did just that…but Grandma’s Beach was not that story! Nevertheless, the genuine response was enough to get me to write another story and work through the steps of getting it published…thank you, Mike!

There is one more person who played a significant role in this accomplishment and that is Russ Towne at A Grateful Man who inspired me simply by writing his own children’s books…LOTS of them! He wrote and published five books in six months! (He’s done quite a few more since then.) I thought, WOW…who is this guy? Russ has been my mentor and friend. He has walked me through the labyrinth of self-publishing, sharing his time, knowledge and resources. Without his help, for which I am eternally grateful, this book would still be on the pending shelf.

Speaking of sharing resources, Russ recommended Josh McGill, a wonderful illustrator who brought everything to life with his colorful images and Gail Nelson at who literally walked me through the steps of self-publishing and imported all of the information to CreateSpace for me.

This was my team…and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank You so much!!!

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how you could get a copy. Grandma’s Beachย can be purchased through Amazon. For those in the US, this link will get you right to the book. If you have any trouble, just search in Amazon for Grandma’s Beach and you will find it.