Celebrate LOVE – each and every day!:-)

I woke up with this post in my reader and it perfectly matched my sentiments. I hope that some of it might resonate with you as well. ❤ ❤

my virtual playground

Love is like a road that you have to figure out and to travel with no map or GPS… 🙂 It’s not a “ready to wear” dress or suit, but a piece of rare, unique “fabric” which first needs a pattern, followed by cutting and sewing. It’s not a “turnkey-delivered” apartment, but a future “home” to be designed, built, maintained, and fixed – now and then. It’s never a conquered mountain top, but a tough climbing, with dangerous waterfalls, through the cold of the night or across the heat of the blazing sun. It’s not a solid anchor, dropped into the “port of happiness”, but a lifted one – floating over the sea of life, facing strong winds and heavy rainstorms. It’s always about ups and downs, pulling ourselves together and keep on walking – until the end of the whole project, freely prepared and mutually decided. It’s about trusting…

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