Changing Season’s – January

I have hesitated to do this photo challenge mainly because Florida’s climate does not vary much and we really don’t have traditional seasons. But I was curious to see whether there was much in the way of noticeable change when viewed over the span of a year.

Though we are commonly known as the Sunshine State, we do have days that are not sunny at all. Our winter season comes in the form of fog.

I headed to the river to see what was going on down there, the fog was rolling in fast and I wasn’t sure it I would be able to get any shots. Luckily, this guy didn’t seem to mind the fog at all. He seemed very used to humans, as I took this shot from three feet away.


As the fog moved in the temperatures dropped to a frigid forty degrees. Don’t laugh, to a Floridian…forty is FRIGID! Well, maybe not to these guys.


I wasn’t the only one feeling the cold! Time to call it a day.


Hoping for some early morning burn off, I tried again. Today it was thicker and wetter. These pelicans are trying to stay warm by huddling together.

pelicans in a line

And these guys are drying out the wings.

pelicans drying

Perhaps I can get a better view from up here. I will be able to see both the river and the ocean from this vantage point.

Peck Plaza

Looking over the river you can’t even make out the mainland.


In this shot you can barely see it on the other side.

close church 1

On the opposite side a lone couple walks on the beach


The pool and chairs are empty all the way down the beach side. Sometimes snowbirds (northerners who seek the warmer climates over the winter) will be out, but today is even too cold for them.


By afternoon the fog has enveloped all sides and I can no longer see the panorama of river and ocean combined.

fog uncut 3

But another day has dawned and the sun shines once again! The best part about Florida weather is that it changes rather quickly. After two foggy days we are back to blue skies! I like the fog…for it stays just long enough for me to appreciate it before gracing us with warm rays of sunshine.


With the weekend upon us, there is still time to join the challenge if your interested…just follow this link for the instructions.