Painting for Charity

As some of my regular followers know, I began dabbling in painting about a year ago.  I found I really enjoy it.  So much so that I want to keep doing it!  I still consider myself a novice painter and the only way to get better is with practice.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I would soon run out of wall space for my paintings if I didn’t give some away.

People have different methods of  brainstorming.  For me, I brainstorm best when I sleep.  Chances are, if you ask me to solve a problem for you…I might just tell you, ” I’ll have to sleep on it”. The other day just before I woke up I was dreaming about what to do with my pictures when suddenly it became clear that I could sell my paintings and donate the proceeds to a worthy cause…I could donate them to charity!

But which charity?

This would take a bit of research as so many charities are top heavy, if you know what I mean.  I needed to find which charities gave the most towards their cause.  I found the site, Charity Watch, was most successful in narrowing down the charities I would choose.  If I was going to donate my work, I wanted to make sure it would go to a charity that I could support.  Here’s what I came up with:

Doctors Without Borders USA – To provide independent medical humanitarian emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, natural disasters, and exclusion from health care.

National Federation of the Blind – Integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality through self-organization, peer support and training, change of public attitudes, advocacy, improvement of public and private services, and non-visual access technology, methods and systems.

PetSmart Charities – To improve the quality of life for all companion animals by creating and supporting programs that save the lives of homeless pets and promote healthy relationships between people and their pets.

Animal Welfare Institute – To alleviate the suffering of animals caused by people.

Unbound – Provides financial support, services and encouragement to individuals and their families living on the margins of society around the world.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund – Provides services in support of military personnel severely injured in support of our nation; services are designed to improve the medical care provided to them and enhance their ability to return to military service or a productive and independent civilian life.

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund – Provides immediate and long-term support for post-9/11 injured and critically ill members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

 Homes for Our Troops – To build specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans across the nation to enable them to rebuild their lives.

I am only asking what it costs to create the painting. The purchaser will select a charity of choice…listed above and make the check payable to that charity, less any shipping costs. Here are a few of the paintings I’ve selected for this purpose.

Cityscape/Countryscape $35. 00 (also available framed for $75.00)

This was my first venture into creative expression on canvas.  I had an assortment of scraps from a work project that were all in the gray tones.  The patterns and textures were so different I thought they’d make a good art project.  I decided to mirrored squares for the windows and sequins for the  water, with just a little bit of color in the background.

City and Country

Whimsical Tree  $25.00 (the cost of the class)

After seeing some wonderful art projects from one of my client’s children, I admitted to her that I was envious of their talent. She told me that her kids did the work in a class and they had classes for adults too.  I was intrigued enough to sign up for class and this was our project, which I wrote about here.

Whimsical Trees

Van Gogh’s Sunflower (my interpretation) FRAMED $150.00

After the first class I got that jist of the painting techniques but I wanted to do another class to learn different techniques and this one discussed different types of strokes and blending.  It was a lot of fun and I liked the picture well enough to get it framed.  I can see framing is where the expense comes in when purchasing art.  I can also understand why my grandparents learned how to do their own framing.


Turtle Hatchlings  FRAMED $100.00

I wanted to try doing a seascape but had no idea where to start so I watched a few YouTube videos that discussed how to make a water move.  My grandmother painted many seascapes and her oceans looked so realistic, I think I have a ways to go.  I did discover a lady who is a master at painting oceans who teaches online classes.  I think this is something I’d like to enroll in at some point in the future.

Turtle Hatchlings

Since I started painting I have become more aware of my surroundings, particularly when in offices and buildings. If I see something that I like I take a picture of it and one day, I may paint my version of it.

These next two paintings are an example of art I saw on a friend’s wall. She had three prints of his paintings, I chose two of them and framed them in a similar style. The artist is Emile Bellet, a French painter whose bright colors and simple style I find very attractive.

This is Parfum Rouge (Red Perfume). Framed $200.00


This one is Heure Jaune (Yellow Hour). FRAMED $200.00


As I complete more paintings I will add them to this post.  And of course, if you’re interested in any of these pictures please e-mail me.