Staying Ahead of the Game

September is here and already I am seeing Halloween being promoted in the stores which means the heavy marketing of merchandise has started now and will continue through Christmas. I really believe that this type of marketing is such a distraction for children and turns their brains into mush. Not only do the kids lose any sense of manners, the parents go into a form of Jekyll and Hyde when stores have their special deals….waiting in lines overnight, fighting to get the next hot item for their child. All in an effort to show how much they love them.

But if you really love them….give them books…give them your time and interest. In a post I wrote earlier, The Gift that Keeps on Giving Giving, I share some of the values of giving your child a gift of books.

To go along with this train of thought, I saw this idea on Facebook by Teresa L Levesque.


“Something great to do with your kids or grand kids for Christmas season. Buy 25 books, wrap them and place them near the tree with a fluffy blanket and stuffed toy to cuddle with. Every evening they get to take one of the books and open them and you spend some time reading to them and cuddling. Hmmmm…. think I could do this as an adult also. LOL Enjoy”

As a teacher I have found that children love to be read to…no matter the age! And what a great opportunity it is to have personal time with your child to share the gift of knowledge and imagination.

What a fantastic idea, I thought and suggested to my daughter that we do this with her son this year. I told her that I would provide the books, blanket and snugly toy if she would tell me which books to buy.

Well, that smart cookie of mine sent me this link and it’s got a nice variety of books with a gentle moral lesson:

25 Children’s Books to teach Your Kids Meaningful Values

So, while the rest of the world is being deluged with the latest and greatest toy, this grandma will be collecting 25 children’s books to give the gift of knowledge and love…as we count off the number of days before Christmas!