The Artists Contribution to WWII

I just watch a fabulous hour documentary on a unit I had never heard of until now. In fact, this unit’s activities were kept secret for more than forty years after the war. They were called the Ghost Army and their strategy was using deception and surprise  – to make the enemy think there were more allies in a location than were really there, to be a decoy so that the enemy would look in their direction and not the direction of the actual attack and to protect valuable American installations.

This top secret unit of 1100 men, about half being artists were the illusionists of WWII, creating complete battalions out of whole cloth. Their weapons were their craft – painting, sketching and audio recording. This video shows excerpts of the documentary titled Ghost Army but the film is good enough and short enough to watch in its entirety. I found our on Netflix and it is sometimes available through PBS stations and thought you’d enjoy it.