Attention People Who Love to Help Create Children’s Books!

Children’s book writers and illustrators alike my be interested in a mutually beneficial publishing proposition from a friend and fellow blogger, Russ Towne.

Russ has published more than five children’s books in the past two years. He is a wonderful writer and his style is similar to Zeuss. If I had any illustration skills I’d certainly be interested…but I am not so I am sharing his post on my blog to give it more circulation in case some of you writer/illustrators might be interested. šŸ˜€

Russ Towne's A Grateful Man

Iā€™m an author of several self-published childrenā€™s books. I have far more additional storiesĀ Ā  and ideas for additional books than I have the financial resources to self-publish them in a timely fashion. Self-publishing has become quite an expensive undertaking for me and Iā€™m now on a fairly strict budget. (WhenĀ IĀ wasnā€™t, the costs were becoming nearly as large as my California Bay Area mortgage payment!)

I figure there are plenty of other writers and other creative types who may be in aĀ similarĀ situation.Ā Perhaps together we can come up withĀ solutions and modelsĀ that will enable all of us to do more of what we love, with some earning more money to fund their own projects, and others working together on projects to save money.

I love to write and to work with talented, reliable, honest, and fun creative people to develop ideas into books that will delight youngsters and those who are young atā€¦

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