House Project – Just Checking In

Some of you may have noticed a bit of an absence in my presence on my own blog and in visiting yours. Well in fact, I have been gone but it’s a good thing.

After years of watching DIY programs and wishing I could do that too…I finally have a project home. I really must say project because it certainly isn’t a home. We were able to acquire a fixer upper that really needs to be completely undressed. So we are stripping her down to bare walls and floors, literally.

The good news is that allows us to have a blank slate and while we waited for the closing process I was able to draw up floor plans that will make this place look great. We have owned the house for a week and things are moving very fast. faster than we had anticipated and coming in below budget…yay!

In order to allow time to add a second job to both of our schedules, my morning routine of reading the blogs has gone by the wayside. So hit and miss is what you get. I do miss my daily chats with all of you. I have not forgotten you and will drop in as time allows.

It’s the weekend so I am off to rip out some more tile! Hope you are all having a great day!

Not my house...but could be. In fact, one room looks just like this.

Not my house…but could be. In fact, one room looks just like this.


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