Just Doing My Job

The other day one of my clients was discussing my work attitude with her business partner/daughter and told her that I was a perfectionist. This was after completing a job that I wasn’t pleased with the result. Don’t get me wrong, I was thorough and they were more than pleased…I just didn’t feel that I had adequate material to work with. Even the most perfectly seasoned and cooked filet mignon would be unacceptable if the meat was spoiled. Now, I had never considered myself to be a perfectionist. In fact, I often am not perfect and know it. I’ve always thought of a perfectionist as being so attentive to detail but having the added negative connotation that one is unsatisfied with the way something is.




Each of my client’s are different, some have very high standards and some do not. I know what my capabilities are and I know what each expects of me and I always try to do a little more than expected.Β  I see myself more as a professional.




Although hubby Rick has seen so many bad “professionals” that saying one is a professional is almost a dirty word in our house. I tend to do a good job because it makes me feel good about myself. I’d even go as far to say that half the pay is in the reward that comes from that feeling of pride that you have when you do a good job. I enjoy the compliments I get when a client has referred me to one of their friends or business acquaintances. A couple of years ago when I was completely booked I had one lady insist that I keep her card and call her when I was available. It was a smart move on her part because after a year I was free to help her…and she’s the one who now calls me a perfectionist.

I’d be curious to know…have you ever gotten a compliment you felt you didn’t deserve? Or…what’s the strangest thing that was said about how you manage your work?