A Visual Year in Review

Here it is 2015 and I have been blogging for a little over two years. I can still recall the uncertainty that I felt the first time I hit the “publish” button on my screen. I have met some of the finest people through this medium called blogging. Just the other day I had been visiting Trent’s World and saw he did a post, A Review of 2014 in Pictures and decided to do my own. The hardest part was selecting just one or two pictures for each month.


January – I had finally solved a five year genealogy puzzle of Mary Frances Simpson’s blood relationship to my family. A widowed woman with five children of her own who took care of my grandfather’s siblings after his mother died in 1905.


Mary Frances Simpson - Seated in the center.

Mary Frances Simpson – Seated in the center.


I also began to challenge the idea of creative vs organize people. Could I an organized person also be creative? In January I wrote my first love poem.


Crazy Mad in Love

Crazy Mad in Love


February – I shared some of my earlier life as a teacher and began participating in photo challenges starting with the first Selfie I ever did , taken seven years ago the day I bought my Miata. I was having so much fun I took pictures on the way home.


Miata day...the drive home.

Miata day…the drive home.


The next challenge was Treasure…a collection of my favorite photographs is my Treasure.


The thing I treasure most is the pictures I have of family and friends.

The thing I treasure most is the pictures I have of family and friends.


March – I continued the photo challenges and posted the Abandoned farmhouse of Mary Frances Simpson (mentioned above), an 1880s farm where my great aunt and great uncle lived during some of their childhood. It was still standing when I took this photo two years ago.



That house was only abandoned because they moved to a house that she had built in town around 1905 so they could be closer to everything. This beautiful house is also still standing.

The house that was built for Mary Frances Simpson.

The house that was built for Mary Frances Simpson.


The challenge for Inside was too easy…


Me inside a jail cell in St. Augustine.

Me inside a jail cell in St. Augustine.


April continued to be filled with photo challenges. The one I enjoyed the most was Threshold as there have been many over the past decade. Each one filled with so much wonderful emotion.


No longer 3000 miles away!


I also participated in my first writing challenge and wrote about Fifty…the day I turned fiftyI felt like my head was in the clouds.


Lift off

Lift off


In May I took a vacation and was visiting with family and friends. This is my best friend Emilie…it had been at least five years since we last saw each other. My beautiful daughter and my precious grandson.


Sneeking in a selfie in the ladies room.

Sneaking in a selfie in the ladies room.

My precious grandson.

My precious grandson.


My beautiful daughter.












June shows me at the finish line of The Great Race 2014 – a vintage car race that started in Maine and ended in Florida. I got there just in time to see the Hudson Hornet…yes, that’s Doc’s…Hudson Hornet…crossing the finish line!




July found me visiting family in Virginia and touring The Torpedo Factory – a WWII torpedo factory that my grandmother worked at which has been turned in to working artist studios…studio in which you can talk to the artists as they work or browse through their gallery.


2014-07-05 14.14.31


I also got to meet two wonderful people from Peru when my plane was delayed for several hours due to bad weather. Luis and Iris are police officers who are in the US training to be helicopter pilots. When they return they will be working to eradicate drug manufacture and smuggling in their country.


Luis in the center holding the flag and Iris.


Team Peru at Bristow Academy




Thanks to Russ Towne from A Grateful Man I have published my first poem. Russ graciously invited others to be part of an Anthology of Poetry and Heart Whispers was the result.

Heat Whispers


It’s August now and I recently visited a local tourist spot called the Sugar Mill Gardens – a sugar mill turned Adventure Park turned arboretum. It was a fantastic place for photography…lots of great pictures.


Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill


A dinosaur from Bongo Land.

One of many beautiful flowers.

One of many beautiful flowers.





September is the month that I became another type of artist and began painting…




This month I also celebrated becoming a published author, thanks again to Russ Towne for creating an anthology of non-fiction stories. I wrote four stories in this anthology, Slices of Life. By the way, both books are available through Amazon! ๐Ÿ˜€


Slices of Life


I also took my first art class and learned how to paint step by step.


Night sky and the moon.

Night sky and the moon.

Adding the tree, painting thin lines is hard to do, will need more practice.

Adding the tree, painting thin lines is hard to do, will need more practice.


September was a busy month for me. On top of my new painting hobby I have taken several trips to places near me. One of these trips was Ponce Inlet Lighthouse…highly recommended if your traveling to the area. They have an amazing lens room.


1980-01-01 00.01.13-11980-01-01 00.03.08


October has arrived and I decided to paint something for the season taking Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and adding my own little spin to it. Rick (hubby) is the pig…and I am very fond of pigs and I am his princess.


2014-10-03 19.33.55


I also took another class and was able to learn some more techniques.

#4 Sunflower       5 Oct 2014


During the month of October my father passed away and most of the month was spent with him and taking care of his affairs when he was gone. My father and I both believed in living life while you are living and we could always talk to each other so there were no regrets to worry about. The reality was that his body got old and didn’t work the way it used to, we had known that he was declining which gave me lots of opportunity to see him before it was his time. When he went, it was peacefully in his sleep. Here is a picture of him in better days.


2014-10-17 19.31.23


I didn’t feel the urge to write in November and December but I did read your blogs. And I did get to see Luis and Iris graduate from their helicopter training taking lots of pictures for their families who could not be there for the graduation. It was a great day and there was much celebration…they would return home to Peru the next day.










By the end of the year, I knew that I was much more creative than I had been at the start. Being creative has been the most joyful activity that I can think of so I’m planning to do a lot more of it…photography, painting, writing…the works! Who knows maybe I’ll even try something new!