I Had a Dream

Have you ever caught yourself just drifting along without having any clear direction of where you are going? Admittedly, I’ve done this more than once in my life and not surprisingly the results weren’t that good. Growing up we used to say that what you did on New Year’s Eve would determine what the upcoming year would bring. We would often be on road trips because we wanted to travel. Whether or not it was true did not matter, it gave us something to focus on…a direction to go into. That practice stayed with me for most of my life…until I moved to Florida and found out that Rick’s mother (who lived with us) was born on New Year’s Eve. Now, it seemed pretty rude to plan road trips on her birthday…my long standing routine had come to an end. For a couple of years I floundered on the whole meaning of New Year’s. I’d lost my compass.

Last year I found it. I’d been so busy making adjustment to my new lifestyle, I’d forgotten to dream…and I always dream big. I get this incredible rush of energy when I dream big…dreaming big is doing things that you really want to do despite the lack of funds, knowledge or talent. It’s allowing yourself to be an unstoppable force. Of course I had to do the working steps to get the follow through but those only came after deciding to be unstoppable.

Ponder I did for a week or two before 2014 arrived. What did I want to accomplish? Here are some of the things I came up with:

*  I wanted to spend more time with my family (the ones that didn’t live with me). I especially wanted to become REAL to my grandson, to form a permanent connection as his grandmother, despite the distance. I also wanted to spend more time with my dad whose age and health were beginning to take a toll on him.

*  I wanted to meet some of my blogger friends and form stronger bonds with those I couldn’t meet…yet!

*  I wanted to get published.

*  I wanted to be more active as a blogger.

Not only did I accomplish all of them, I did so with much greater success than I had anticipated. I was so enthused that I decided to test out unfamiliar waters. Actually it was more like a certainty that I could not do something…paint. A nagging little voice kept saying, “How do you know you can’t paint?” and “Maybe you can learn to do anything, if you really want to.” And my VOICE was right! I became a painter this year.

I wanted to add a picture to illuminate my thoughts on this post and found this one. The photographer’s daughter loved it so much she hung it on her bedroom wall and often told her dad that she thought it should be a motivational poster. He discovered a site that would allow him to do just that.  I think it’s perfect! You can click here to see more of his work.


courtesy of leggnet.com

To all of my friends and fellow bloggers, don’t forget to dream and why not go for BIG! May 2015 find you having a blast creating new realities…in this NEW year.