Woo Hoo…I Can Paint!

Recently I had noticed some pretty amazing art work in the form of pottery and glass being created by a client’s seven year old daughter.  And it was really good, better than anything I had ever done. As I admired her work my client shared with me the place she sent her daughter for art classes during the summer.  The place is called Whim Wham and it is open to the public as well as open for classes.  It’s a wonderful place where you can learn to throw pottery on a wheel, paint a pre-made piece of pottery, make glass bowls or paint. They have classes for adults and children and you can even have birthday parties there.

So, being in my creative mood, I checked out their website …and signed up for a painting class. Although this place is local to my area, it was a nice enough experience that I wanted to share it with you and hope to see more studios like this across the states. The class was only twenty five dollars and included all supplies.

Simply put, my creative instincts are limited and I have been looking to expand them over the past few months.  Recently I have moved from researching the subject of arts, crafts and paintings to actually doing some of it.  Taking this class was my second activity. I chose this class because the final product was colorfully whimsical.

There were about eighteen of us altogether and at least five of us had never done this before. Many came with friends and brought wine. I came alone and brought Gatorade. Our instructor was fabulous. She had a natural sense of knowing when to leave people alone and when to step in and see if they needed help. Each step was clearly explained and then we went to painting.  I know that sounds extremely simple…but it really was that simple.

I took some shots as I completed each step. Click on image to see it larger.


Although we were all doing the same thing, we were told to make it our own, choose colors we liked and make changes if we saw it in a different way. I was really impressed with the quality of all of the paintings. There was only one person who struggled with the project and did a simplified version.  But, even struggling, she got lots of help, enjoyed herself and asked about doing another class. I had so much fun I decided to do another class as well.

You know that awesome feeling you have when you’ve accomplished something you didn’t think you could do…I’m feeling that right now.

So, does anyone else have art studios like this in their area?