Book Recommendation – Reflections of a Grateful Man

So many bloggers are published writers and it’s not unusual to see someone promoting a book from time to time, it’s part of the whole book marketing strategy. But honestly, some books just don’t interest me enough to even bother with and that attitude nearly prevented me from finding this real gem titled Reflections of a Grateful Man, by Russ Towne

As a fan of his children’s books I have known of Russ’ non-fiction work for some time and only had a vague interest in reading any of it. Having gotten to know Russ through blogging and book projects over the past year I knew that I would eventually get to it. Well, I started reading this one the other day and was quite moved by his words.

Through sharing his own life observations, he connects with others, spiritually. Realizing I had similar thoughts, I admired his ability to put into words those ideas that swirled around in my own head. And just like that sweet sensation a cold person feels when warmed by a fire…Russ warms your heart…with those “somebody gets you” moments.

For me, this is not a breeze through from beginning to end book. It’s a genuine feel good book that you want to go through a little at a time to savor the richness of it all.

By the way, this review was unsolicited and Russ doesn’t even know I wrote it but if you’d like to find out more about him, check out his website.