Blindly Going At It and Having a Blast

One of the most wonderful things about blogging is connecting up with so many talented people from all four corners of the world. About a year ago I started doing some serious pondering about artists and artistic expression. Having lived my life mostly as a non-artist, I had come to the conclusion that some of us just weren’t built that way. Was I just buying into a lie? Who said I couldn’t be creative? Why couldn’t I be satisfied with being that efficient A personality type?

I think it all began when I started doing genealogy. As I began unearthing different members of my family I started discovering the many talented people I was related to and with some of them, they left their mark.  I can see the photos  my great great grandfather took or the paintings my grandparents painted. I wished I could see some of the published writings of my great aunt Agnes…I’d have been delighted with even a photo copy.  In fact, it was the discovery of an author in my family that led up to me starting this blog. I was so moved by parts of my aunt’s life story that I wanted to be able to create that affect for the future generations to see.

In a post called Creatively Creating I began to test out the idea of my own creativity.

I did a few poems and I have to say that poetry is NOT my strong suite and though I can appreciate others who do write poetry, I don’t get much enjoyment writing it, myself.

I created a bunch of handmade cards and hand made gifts last year for Christmas. Remember the yarn octopus?octopus  I made this one for my grandson.   Doing this really was an enjoyable activity but it’s not something that I am looking forward to doing year after year.

I wrote six stories and four are about to be published. I really enjoyed doing this and will continue to do more in the future. I really wanted to thank Russ Towne at A Grateful Man for the opportunity to showcase my work and be a part of his project.

I have dabbled in photography and LOVE doing it.  My equipment needs to be upgraded and I am currently pursuing other creative  avenues while I save up the money for a better camera. Even so, I was pleased to have recently received some very nice compliments on some photos I took of some friends on an outing – all candid which I prefer. My practice is paying off!

My little creative feet have enjoyed dangling their toes in the water and are ready to try something new.  A mixed media painting.  As I entered the realm of the unknown I wasn’t sure where to start and then I remembered another post that I wrote, Artistic Musing in which I wrote an arbitrary process an artist goes through in terms of creativity:

  1.     vision, idea or concept in the mind
  2.     connecting that to the physical universe through the use of matter
  3.     Actually producing that idea
  4.     refining, editing or correcting the product – finishing touches, so to speak
  5.     sharing the product with the world

So starting with the vague idea of wanting to include a city skyline, the use of geometric shapes, for it to be mostly black and white but have an acrylic background…I began my project. Of course I was very methodical in my approach! It takes a bit of getting used to letting go.


I have to admit that I was very pleased with my product since all of my earlier art was poor stick figure quality. I am so encouraged that I have enrolled in a one day art class which is akin to grown-up version of paint-by-numbers with acrylics. I think I’ll do just fine at this level.  And dare I say that my enthusiasm was such that I bought a bunch of art supplies!  Maybe that A personality in me is willing to adopt a bit of the B personality traits and just enjoy the ride while I can.