Wise Words And A Doodle Contest

Doodle Madness by DailyDoodle2010

Doodle Madness by DailyDoodle2010

Have you ever had a talent for something that you considered to be no big deal and when others found out about it your talent was suddenly in high demand?

Well, that’s what happened to Mike Allegra over at heylookafellowwriter.

It all started when Mike started adding doodles to his posts like this one. I admit…I was jealous of Mike’s ability to drop something he scribbled into a post and suddenly make it better.  It seems I wasn’t the only one who noticed his talent.  Word spread and soon came the first Doodle Contest.

Harumph!  I didn’t win!

But…Mike is having another “Win a Doodle” contest!  Hooray!!  Another chance to get my hands on one of his doodles!

I sure hope I’m a winner but just to show how good a sport I am, I’ll let you know about it too.

Mike’s a great guy…very funny and a GREAT writer. I think my favorite post is this one. (He didn’t pay me to say that…Really!)

Hey Mike…since I linked three times…do I get a bonus entry! [big Grin]

And what about the wise words? Just click on the first link above to find out more about that!