Happy Birthday America!

This was just too good not to share…especially since I have spent the day getting to know one of my relatives a lot better. Hope you who celebrate had opportunity to have a nice chat with someone.

And, do enjoy some classic vocal art celebrating our independence.

Happy 4th to all…even those across the pond. I think we’re okay with you guys, now! 🙂

Embrace Serendipity

This is how to sing the Star Spangled Banner!

I suspect I’m not a super patriotic person.fourth_of_july  Don’t get me wrong.  I love this country, but I don’t usually go around waving flags and wrapping myself in them.  Considering that I’ve only been to about 12 countries, I’ve been to enough countries to appreciate that there’s no better game on this green planet than the U.S.  Other nations have their advantages over us, but it’s not to THOSE countries that the dreamers of the world which to emigrate.

We enjoy such amazing freedoms here that even with the problems we have there aren’t a lot of people leaving her to go to other countries — oh, sure, there are some, but we have more of a problem with illegal aliens than we have with population exodus.  I wish some of our fellow-citizens could put aside their agendas long enough to cooperate…

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