Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

The past eight years of my life have been filled with thresholds.

“A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation.”


Rick’s profile pic.

I decided to investigate online dating as a possibility of finding companionship and maybe even romance. I was pretty dismayed by what I saw and was about to give up on the idea completely when I saw the site had a forum.  Having no clue what a forum was about…I took a peek.  The first thread was “Do Men Believe in Soulmates” and in the responses I found Rick and  was so impressed with his response that I sent him a private message.  From that moment on, we connected…but he lived three thousand miles away.  I knew that he was exactly what I was looking for as soon as I read his very first post.  But we had just discovered each other…and I played it cool.

So…we became good buddies. We emailed each other every day and we found we liked each other more and more as the days went on.  But we were still just buddies.  I hadn’t ruled out the idea of relocating if I found the right person. And then, one day it happened…the door opened a crack (just a teeny tiny crack) but it was enough for me to open the door all the way.  And then we REALLY started getting to know each other.  Eventually we came to the point of knowing that we had to meet to make sure we liked each other in real life as we did online…and I think you’ll agree…we did!




Our date was a week long and then he went home.  It would be another two months before we could have our second date. Before we actually met, I told a white lie.  Okay… it was a complete fabrication. When he opened the door a crack, he said that he would give me the grand tour…if I was ever in town.  I told him that I would be visiting my aunt in the fall, that she lived on the east coast and a detour to his Florida would be perfect.  As soon as he expressed delight with my detour idea, I immediately called up my aunt to tell her I was coming to visit.  Except, I told her the whole truth…about the detour and all. At the time, I had no idea that we would have met by the time my vacation came around.


Now, with my vacation time nearing…I was getting excited about our second date. In the two months since our first date, we had decided that we wanted to be with each other but there were logistics to work out.  As it came closer to the second date, I grew sad because I didn’t know when the third date would be…despite the appearance of a jet set life, I could not afford to travel back and forth and neither could he…I realized I can’t do long distance…for any length of time.  Since my vacation started with him in Florida, I asked him to come with me to meet my aunt and my dad and THEN… I asked him to come back with me at the end of my vacation to California.  He said YES!!!  And so we drove three thousand miles home. We picked up Route 66 in Texas, took a detour to Roswell to see the aliens…we figured we were this close and we probably wouldn’t be out this way again so why not. Continued along ’66 until we reach California and headed up to Santa Cruz just in time for a birthday dinner with my daughter.  This was the best road trip ever.  We were never in a rush but we went so many places and visited so many people.  This is our car fort as we began the first leg of our journey to California.

We learned how to do new things together such as laundry...

We learned how to do new things together such as laundry…





and making dinner together.























Eventually after a few years we headed back to Florida…where his family was living.  My company gave us a little send off and we said goodby to our friends…



…and family.  Some thresholds are harder than others. Leaving my daughter and being so many miles away for the first time was going to be a challenge for both of us.  For this, timing was not on our side. But, my daughter had her own threshold…coming very soon. Her world would be changing forever.



Two years had passed since we moved and Rick and I decided to get married.  We flew my daughter and grandson out to the east coast to join us in our intimate (but hugely casual) family gathering.  It was important to me that she be there…and that I would finally get to SEE my grandson in real life (though we had been using Skype before this time)!  I also wanted my father to meet his great grandson and for Andrew to meet his great grandfather.  We took lots of pictures and I got to learn how to be a grandma.  Andrew and I share a love of water.



These were the last moments Rick and I spent as a single people. In a few minutes we will be Mr. and Mrs. (I told you it was casual.  Second time around…you get to do what you want. Mine was casual, no frills wedding in my aunt’s back yard…just family and close friends.)



Doing this post, I realized that I intentionally build thresholds into my life.  For me…life is an adventure…there is always something just around the corner waiting to be explored…waiting to be discovered…and I am having a blast!