I Asked The Wee People And They Said . . .

Jim has done it again with another spot on post! Oh, how I wish that we had a small little called E-Nuff. I think they got all of my grievances. Did they get all of yours?


Mother Nature At Her Best

Having some Irish blood running through me, this week was significant in a few ways. Most significant, though, was a conversation that I had, at least I think I had, with Seamus and Fergus. Let me explain.

This past Monday(17th), after putting in a rather busy but productive day, I sought some relaxation time. I sat down, put my feet up and just let my mind wonder where it would. The next thing I knew was I was strolling down this beautiful lane that stretched off into the distance with shrubs and hedges down each side and a canopy of flowering branches over top. The smell of the blooms was almost overpowering. Light streamed through the leaves and warmth enveloped me. It was perfect.

As I strolled along I noticed a little Inn. Being inquisitive I ventured in to see what was what. The place featured an old wooden barโ€ฆ

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