Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


As soon as I read this week’s Photo Challenge I knew which pictures I would use…only time and hunting for them, prevented me from posting this earlier.

This first one is the light – inside the lens of the lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida.


And these are the gears inside the lens.


Our trip happened to be in October and inside the triangular section of grass where two streets merged, someone had decorated the lawn with “pumpkins around a campfire”.  As far as I could tell, the property didn’t belong to anyone…they stood alone as a reminder that Halloween was just around the corner.


It seems that I got into a bit of trouble while I was there as well…spent a few minutes in jail…but I knew the jailer and maybe I did flirt a little bit…so he set me free.  🙂

inside 4

Children know a lot about being inside things and my daughter was no exception.  Here she is sharing a box with her doll.  With I slightly bigger box, I may have been able to ship her to off to grandma’s for a few days. Don’t laugh…in days of the past, people sent their children by mail…I kid you not!

inside 1

One day when I  was doing laundry, I went to put her clothes away, I found a surprise in her bottom drawer!  I had to do a Photoshop (very poor one at that) on it as her nightie didn’t quite cover enough but the picture just fit the challenge so I had to include it.


There are so many things I like about this last picture.  I love how you can see the image of my daughter’s face next to her dad’s hand, And how you can see his reflection on the right side of her face.  My daughter’s friend is standing above her and the top hand prints give this picture an eerie quality, like in a horror show…but when you see the look on my daughter’s face and the affection of her dad’s…this is clearly an expression of love.

inside 3

I have many more “inside” pictures but these are a few that I decided to share.  Do you have a favorite “inside” picture…I’d love to see it.