Is The Pen Really Mightier Than The Sword? I Still Think . . .

Trying to get you children to do things can be challenging. This blogger gets it…and offers some sage advice.

And he includes one of my favorite video clips. 🙂


Blue Eye Perspective

If you believe in the adage ‘there is certainly strength in numbers’ you might be persuaded to believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. But it is said (somewhere) that a soldier with a sub machine gun could kill a hundred people before he himself becomes vulnerable. That sure is a lot of folks when you stop to contemplate the numbers. So I guess the above question would depend on the context it was a part of. If we could think about it in everyday goings on with no special circumstances attached that would do.

In another life I was involved with training dogs until I found out what some do to ‘train’ their dogs or their clients dogs. What I did learn,though, was that you can ‘train’ a dog to do most anything if you have the patience and the skill. But in this age of ‘now’…

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