Opportunities for Writers

Attention all writers…
Want more exposure? Want to collaborate?
Russ, at A Grateful Man is sharing the love…why does this remind me of the old Breck commercials?
Really, Russ is a great guy and really wants to help people succeed in their passions. If you have a story, I would recommend that you contact him.

Russ Towne's A Grateful Man

I took a two-month hiatus after successfully completing a self-publishing marathon of writing and bringing eight books to market in eight months. Now, my batteries are re-charged and I’m ready to tackle another type of creative project I’ve never attempted before–this time involving a whole bunch of other writers of multiple genres.

I plan to create one or more anthologies combining some of my work with those of perhaps twenty other writers for each genre such as:

“Spine-Tinglers” Thriller/action fictional short stories

“Funny-Bone Ticklers” Humorous short stories

“What Works for Us” True stories of creative ways couples improved their relationships and made them more fun

“Heart-Warmers” Uplifting stories that warm hearts and brighten spirits

I know first-hand how expensive, time-consuming, and at times frustrating self-publishing can be. I’d love to help new writers to become published, and expose more readers to the work of experienced authors.

Would you please help…

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