Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

What do you treasure? What’s most important to you?

Someone once asked me if there was a fire in my house and I could only grab one thing…what would it be?

My answer:

A box that contains all of my pictures, including flash drives, DVDs and negatives.

Looking at pictures is more than just a trip down memory lane.  They can refresh your memory of the triumphs in your life, the special people and places that you’ve met a long the way and a lot about history, too!  If one were to write a memoir…pictures could definitely help jog ones memory.  So much information can be gleaned from a photograph.  A writer of any sort could greatly be assisted by looking at pictures of whatever he or she is writing about.

I happen to have a lot of vintage family pictures going back as far back as the mid 1860s.  Some of my pictures are the ONLY copy in existence of important people in my life.  Some are reflections of earlier moments…a more youthful time.  Some are documentation of family history…to be share with future generations.  Many are the current members of my family.

If I were to just figure in the printed version of my collection, I have about 6 or 7 medium size moving boxes of them…at least.  That would be too much to carry in an emergency situation.  I have scanned most of the printed photographs and saved these to DVD and flash drives.  I do still have a large selection of negatives, (the original prints having been lost) which need to be developed and transferred to DVD.  But all of these are kept together and can be easily rescued in a hurry.  I have some stored in off site storage and will eventually have all of my collection digitally stored for safe keeping.

My greatest treasure is my family.  The photo I am sharing with today  you is a collage of my family and the many of the moments of joy and happiness they have brought into my life.

my treasure