Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie


Going along with my practice, practice, practice mantra I decided to start participating in as many of the Weekly Photo Challenges as possible.  This week is:  The Selfie

Long before I ever had a digital camera or knew how to send a picture from my cell phone I took selfies using throw away cameras.  This one was taken in 2007 and as you can see, the film is damaged but I don’t care…it’s one of my favorite pictures.  I shot it while driving home in my brand new (to me) Miata.  As you can see, I was quite happy about owning a sports car.


This next one, I used a Nikon Cool Pics digital camera.  I was celebrating my 50th birthday with a biplane ride.  Although Rick and I each had our own camera, we were too close to get any shots, so we took selfies as we flew.  We had a blast and I was impressed with how well the pictures turned out as we couldn’t see what we were shooting at…they turned out to be some of my best.  This is me with the pilot, just as we were taking off.


This last one is a current one taken on my iPhone.  I love how I can flip the view so that I can see myself BEFORE I shoot.  It makes it a lot easier to ensure that I am actually in the frame. I decided I wanted to play around a bit and was looking to soften the picture with a sheer in the foreground.  I didn’t have any so improvised and held a child’s shirt in front of the lens, before taking the shot.  I really like how it turned out.


These weren’t so bad…but I do prefer taking pictures of other people, places and things.