Creatively Creating

For some people, being artistic comes naturally.  Some people just think creatively…they seem to breathe creativity.  Others, like myself, struggle at almost anything creative.  Sometimes, I have wondered why I didn’t have artistic talent.

It certainly has nothing to do with genetics because both of my grandparents were painters, my mother was a gourmet cook and my older sister taught herself to play the guitar and piano.  Even my daughter is talented and can draw quite well.  I’ve never desired to be famous but I certainly wouldn’t mind having a little artistic proficiency.
Where I lacked artistic ability, I made up in organizational skills.  I can organize anything and anyone.  I can take the most dysfunctional organization and turn it into a well oiled machine.  Recently, my work has included needing to be a little creative.  Fortunately my client is gracious and does not mind at all that I have a learning curve when it comes to creativity.

As with anything, practice does make one better, so much so that I challenged myself by making gifts this past Christmas.  Every spare minute was spent making something and to be quite honest, it was exhausting. And I have to admit that my skill level is about on par with a fifth grader.  But, I had a blast doing it!  In fact, I felt so good about being creative, that I have decided to explore other areas to be creative in.  I think I am actually a bit obsessed with being creative…I guess there could be worse things to be obsessed about.  I also decided that I wanted to be more willing to express my creativity publicly…after all, art is best shared with another.You, my readers, have been great!  I feel at home with you and that makes me more willing to share my creative journey with you…who knows where it will end.

I’ve tried my hand with photography and although I love the idea of it, the talent is far from apparent…. more practice, practice as they say.  Then I thought of poetry, except that I have no understanding of poetry other than the simple verses from Grammar School.  Roses are red, Violets are blue, etc.  Another writing site that I have posted on has sample writing projects that anyone can do but if I write on their site, I agree that they own it for a year. After doing my first poem I decided that I certainly don’t want to limit myself with their restrictions so all future poems will be posted on my own blog.  So, how bad can it be?  I have followed through on two poetry suggestions and in both cases, I had to look up the word describing that form of poetry.  The first one was easy, at least I thought it was.  It was only five lines….and it got sent back because the third line had too many syllables.  Okay, I’m learning.  I fixed that one and sent it back to the reviewers.

The second one was much more challenging.  I have decided to steal the other sites suggestions as this will give me some education and experience on writing different types of poems. The second one is a villanelle which follows a complex (at least to me) formula in writing 19 lines where certain lines rhyme with others and some lines are repeated in certain places.  Now you see where the education part came in.  At first, I almost gave up but then I rolled up my sleeves, cracked open the books and diagrammed the formula so that I could at least mechanically complete the poem. After looking up the idiot’s guide to villanelles and finding I still didn’t get it, I used this link to show me how to do it. The assignment was to write a villanelle about falling in love.  I am going to share with you a villanelle about what I thought being in love would feel like and how my husband’s words found me.

(Suddenly, I feel like the second grader having to do a solo recital in front of the whole class.)

perfect romance









Crazy, Mad In Love

Crazy, mad in love; each and every day
Something that is real, that only I can find
Your words a beacon; showing me the way.

My heart goes pitter-patter, not knowing what to say
An opportunity to greet, such a wonderful mind
Crazy, mad in love; each and every day.

Getting to know each other, there must be no delay
Only to discover, you’re more and more my kind
Your words a beacon; showing me the way.

Holding hands, snuggling; even the simplest of displays
Whether doing chores or going outdoors, our actions are aligned
Crazy, mad in love; each and every day.

Laughing, loving, being together; is how we’re going to stay
Our hearts and souls, shall forever be entwined
Your words a beacon; showing me the way.

Many years have passed, we’re much older and we’ve even gotten grey
My heart still goes pitter-patter, being with you is just sublime
Crazy, mad in love; each and every day,
Your words a beacon; showing me the way.

So, what have you created lately?  Care to share?