Mrs. P vs. The Computer

It’s been quite some time since I made an appearance on my own blog…I thought I’d check in just to let you know that I haven’t abandoned my creation. So, besides reading everyone else’ blog…what have I been up to?

Time and space give one a unique perspective of what is important in life and what is not.  Someone once posed the question.”If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be?  My response was my box of photos, which includes negatives, CDs and flash drives and an external back up drive.  Those were the things that I considered…irreplaceable.  Though I would prefer to keep the originals of my vintage collection, they occupy too many boxes to carry out in an “evacuate now” scenario. A scanned image, though unable to be handled…can still be viewed.

Technology has given us the opportunity to “keep safe” our thoughts and images from the destruction of natural disasters but these tools are only effective when they are used.  External storage sites allow us to preserve our life’s work and in doing so, it gives our work a future audience.  For example, there are many books (references) that have been a source of my genealogy research.  Though I cannot physically touch the book, I am able to retrieve it’s information.  In that sense, technology is quite magical.


But, technology is not with out its flaws and has its own set of humanistic qualities.  It gets viruses…gets old… and outdated… is no longer user friendly.  Similar to humans, it gives little signals that all is not well in paradise, specifically…computers.  Mine started to run slowly…giving me the idea that I somehow went from lightning speed to dial up.  Naturally I applied known remedies such as scanning for virus, defragmenting and restoring to an earlier time and yet the damn thing is still lethargic.  Dark thoughts of destruction paraded through my head…and only one thing prevented me from following through with it.

I had already backed up most of my work,  making the current back up relatively easy.  All I needed to do was copy my email files as I was intending on getting rid of two email accounts that had gone into disuse because of what hubby refers to as the spam whores.  After doing a quick Google search, I discovered the only way to save this stuff was to copy each individual email. On one of those accounts I found my other irreplaceable.

I had what most people have in those types of files….mail.  Instead of hard copy letters, I had digital ones.  Letters from family, friends and most importantly…letters from my husband as we created our friendship…and eventual courtship, three thousand miles apart.  They have become our love letters….something I treasure even more than the pictures already saved.  I’d been meaning to transfer them so I could delete the email account and had been putting it off for years because the task seemed overwhelming as we were both prolific writers….there literally were thousands of files.  As daunting as the task would be, it had to be done and I couldn’t put it off any longer.

So, my earlier efforts to protect my computer from the burden of carrying important email files by saving them with my email provider suddenly created a huge…really mammoth project.  You might wonder how much stuff I have saved in email folders…about the same amount of stuff saved on my computer backup.  

filinf cabinet
I have to say, in viewing how much stuff I have on this computer…I am quite impressed with how much real world storage space I am saving.  I imagine each file with its individual pages in hard copy form taking up space in a file cabinet…I would have had to use up one full room in the house just for storage cabinets.  Now I understand why old people have boxes and boxes of stuff to go through when they die…most were pre-technology.

computer virus

After a weeks worth of work and transferring about five thousand files, I am about one third of the way through my project.  Every once in a while my computer tries to vomit out another virus preventing me from accomplishing my task.  I have quickly figured out the signals it gives out when it does this and have been able to quarantine the evil beast faster than it can open its mouth.  I suspect that they are coming from my email account.

I must steel myself to the task at hand as I have imposed a personal deadline to complete this project.  After which time I will use the defibrillators, hopefully bringing back life to my computer…all of this must take place before the end of this month when my warranty on this computer expires.  I am determined to get the better hand of this deal…in case I have to send the old machine to the morgue.

Back to work I go…probably won’t be back before the end of the year…with luck, I might make an appearance just before Christmas…Happy Holidays until then…leaving you with a funny I just couldn’t resist.

internet dog